Why Mercedes Cars Imported from Japan are Priced Higher

Why Mercedes Cars Imported from Japan are Priced Higher author photo
Hamza Mohamed
05/08/2023 06:08
If you've ever shopped for used Mercedes cars in the UAE, you may have noticed that those imported from Japan often come with a premium price tag. While this may seem illogical at first, it is actually due to several factors that make these cars superior in terms of quality and condition. Let's explore why the price of used Mercedes cars imported from Japan is higher than those from other countries.
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Higher Specifications and Quality

Mercedes dealerships in Japan provide maximum specifications and high-quality materials. Cars manufactured for the Japanese market surpass their counterparts produced for Middle Eastern countries in terms of performance, sound insulation, seat materials, and interior fabrics. As a result, Mercedes cars in Japan are priced higher than elsewhere.
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Japanese Culture of Car Ownership

Japanese people are known for their organization skills and their care for their property. Luxury cars, like Mercedes-Benz, are no exception. A large number of Japanese people maintain their cars with the utmost care, refraining from eating or drinking inside the car. Some even wear special shoes to maintain their car's cleanliness. Due to high fuel prices and the prevalence of public transportation in Japan, driving a car is mostly reserved for weekends. This results in low mileage and exceptional general condition for these cars.
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Excellent Car Condition

Due to low mileage and meticulous maintenance by authorized Mercedes-Benz centers, used cars in Japan are in excellent condition, with many having barely reached their maturity. Compared to their counterparts in the Middle East, even a 2005 Mercedes model used in Japan looks like new. This excellent condition, along with Japanese culture of car ownership, explains why the prices of used Mercedes cars imported from Japan are higher compared to those from other countries.
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Demand from International Buyers

Mercedes cars imported from Japan are highly sought after, not only by local buyers in the UAE but also by buyers from neighboring countries like Saudi Arabia and Oman. The exceptional condition of these cars, combined with the convenience of exporting them from Dubai ports, has attracted buyers from European and African countries as well. As the demand for these imported Mercedes cars increases, so does the price. This surge in demand is one of the primary reasons why used Mercedes cars imported from Japan are priced higher than their counterparts.