How to Purchase a Mercedes Car in UAE

How to Purchase a Mercedes Car in UAE author photo
Hamza Mohamed
20/07/2023 01:07
The secondhand Mercedes market the UAE is very large, attracting buyers from Europe, Africa, and North Asia to the Dubai. The large number and variety of Mercedes cars for sale in the UAE make it simple to find the ideal car. However, when purchasing a Mercedes, it is critical to follow a few guidelines to avoid being duped.

Asking good questions will save a lot of time

Assume you came across an advertisement for a Mercedes car and clicked the contact seller button, you should ask a few questions to get a good idea of the car's condition. This will help you determine whether the car is worth your time and money. If you suspect that the car is in poor condition, save your time and move on.
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  1. Are you the first owner of the car?

    Buying from a first owner is strongly advised because the car is more likely to be well-maintained and will have all of its maintenance and service history available. Even if the seller is a dealership, they should have all of the previous owner's history documentation.
  2. Is there anything wrong with the car's mechanical or electrical systems?

    When you ask this question, the seller understands that you intend to thoroughly inspect the car. He will be more likely to notify you of any car problems, saving both your and his time.
  3. Is it possible to see the car during the day tomorrow?

    If the seller tries to persuade you to come in the evening, claiming that he is too busy and that you can only come during the evening, this indicates that there are issues with the car's body and interior that he wishes to conceal. These issues are very visible in broad daylight.
white mercedes car

Start with a visual inspection

When you arrive to inspect the car, walk around it and inspect the body panels one by one to make sure they have the same shade of color and have the same gap between panels. Make sure both headlight lenses are in good condition. If one headlight seems to to be newer than the other, it means the car was involved in a serious accident from one side and the owner had to replace the headlight.
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Interior inspection

Check for tears in the leather on the steering wheel and seats. Repairing leather tears is difficult, and finding a replacement is even more difficult. Check all electrical switches to ensure they are all operational. Look for any sagging areas in the roof's fabric. Sagging areas occur when a car is parked in direct sunlight the most of the time.
hands on mercedes steering wheel

Take a test drive

Before you start the car, make sure the engine is completely cold. Check the car exhaust for any white smoke immediately after starting the engine. White smoke indicates a blown head gasket or worn piston rings. Both are serious issues that will be costly to resolve. Next, get inside the car and start driving increase the speed little by little. A good gearbox will provide very smooth gear shifts with no jerk or shake.
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Time for a professional inspection

If everything went well during the inspection you performed, and you took the decision to purchase the car, it's time to get a detailed inspection. Pre-purchase inspection centers are equipped with advanced inspection tools that can detect any hidden problems the car may have. If the car inspection report was excellent. You can buy the car without fear of being scammed.